Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Film Opening Edit 1


  1. You used some really interesting camera angles. I really liked the way you linked the scenes together, especially when the gun fire acted as the break up of the dream. To improve, I would alter the sound of the wind at the beginning, but on a little as it still adds to the scene.

  2. what can I say, I can say many words and my favourite of which is musli.
    But I have to say this is a brilliant film opening. I like the shadows, depth of field and the playing around with the saturation.
    To improve I think maybe doing something with the scene of the sofas but i cant think what.
    otherwise well done :D
    yours sexily

  3. Excellent use of sound, shots, colour correction, you have introduced the story really well and I would deffinately watch this! :)I especially like how you got the shot of the gun firing!
    To improve, I think modifying the conversation of the two characters because I think it slows down the pace and intensity of the peice. But overall I LOVED IT!!