Tuesday, 25 September 2012


This video, titled Homecoming, is the opening of a movie in the Thriller genre.

The opening begins in black & white because it seems to add mystery of the thriller, saying these black & white clips take place in the past. This gives the movie a destination to get to, making the audience wonder what just happened and why.

The sped up & reversed clips show the audience that we are going back to the beggining of where the story started. After those clips we begin with a tilt shot, starting with the sun & a lens flare,  droppping down to see two women walking in the direction of the camera. The colour establishes that we are in the present. The clear shot of the sun shows that it's a nice day and sets a nice mood in contrast to the darker one set previously.

I put a dreary, royalty free, audio track along with the black & white clips to set the dark, thriller mood.

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