Friday, 5 October 2012

Shot/ Reverse Shot

With this scene we we're experimenting with cinematography, using shot/reverse shot. This technique can be used to depict a conversation between multiple people, showing the change of facial expressions of people when they hear something that causes them to react. With it we can clearly see where the Actor/Actress is looking and the changes in their expressions.
I can switch between view-points to communicate different things to the audience. For example we can clearly see the actresses' unimpressed response to the actor's comments, you can tell this is an awkward situation and that she doesn't want to be there.

In this sequence we used eye line matches. Eye line matches is when the actor is always focused on one point or the point they're looking at doesn't move (Unless the audience can seamlessly see what they're looking at is moving).
We took advantage of the 180 degree rule. The rule that the camera can only move one one side of the action, so not to cause confusion to the audience. This rule makes everything straight forward and easy to keep up with.

Unfortunately the audio quality is awful due to the wind, however this test was not focused on audio.

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