Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Foley Exercise

This is the Foley exercise. In this short piece we recorded various noises, such as the "Fart" noises and then dubbed them over the footage in time with Jacob's footsteps to give the appearance that the shoes were the source of the noise. We also used Andy as a voice-over/narrator to parody the style of the popular TV program "Dragon's Den". All of those sounds are non-diegetic, meaning they were recorded separately to the footage and then added later in editing.
There is also mostly diegetic sounds, meaning that the footage and audio were recorded at the same time on the same camera.

There was also "Match on Action" used when Jacob first opens the door and again when he appears to be dancing. "Match on Action" is when multiple angles are shot at a different time but seem to be happening at the same time. It's all edited together to appear as one smooth sequence.

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