Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Production Company Ident

The name of my production company is Nova Flicks. I chose this name because "nova" it means a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness. It's like a growing idea in the mind that is built up and eventually see by all when it becomes a movie.  Flicks is slang for a film, so "Nova Flicks" is like growing film.
Because Nova is a star, I thought it'd be good to have a reverse zoom through a space-like area. As it zooms out you can then see the bigger picture, the company behind the film. The metaphor in this ident is similar to something big coming from something small, or something grows from nothing, like an idea.
The reason I chose for the zoom out to become a ball is not only because it fits as the "O" in "Nova" but also because the ball is like my own world that I create, like a film is something that the director creates and within that film is his world, almost like auteur theory states, it's the director's vision.

Please note: This may not be my final ident, though it may be similar.

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