Friday, 23 November 2012

Production Company Idents Research


Toonami is a part of Cartoon Network and primarily produces cartoons who's target demographic is male teenagers and young adults.
They have multiple idents that frequently change but are all similar. This is likely to be because as a television channel, their idents are shown frequently at regular intervals and so to keep the viewer amused, they change the idents on a regular basis.
The style of the idents fits with the science fiction genre, which is the genre of cartoons they show. The neon-like text used would often be described as "cool" and fits the style of most of the cartoons they screen. Even the font used is sleek and futuristic.
There seems to be a hidden story behind it too, especially with the reflection of the logo in the space helmet. This develops in to a mystery and raises question like "what?" and "why?" and gives the impression that perhaps in future idents, Toonami will reveal what is happening.


The ident of Lionsgate is like a metaphor for the people in the lower parts of the company, as the cogs and mechanisms, helping to make part of the gate that reveals (and makes) the bigger picture.
We see a bright light as the gates open and a religious view of bringing us to a cloudy, peaceful place that resembles Heaven. The text itself is very bold and proud, like God, showing off its power. The bright light is like telling the audience that they've died and gone to heaven every time that view a production from this company.
The colours on the gate are silver and gold that depicts wealth, good fortune and power. Everything that a major production company should have.

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures are a behemoth in the world of film, which can be seen in their ident. It's like they're taking over the world and we're all helpless.
From this, we can take that they're very powerful, very bold and very well known. The reason this is know this is due to the scale of their name against the world and the colour of the text. The scale is gigantic, showing power. The glory comes from the colour scheme (gold & silver) but also from the shininess, indicating it's well cared for. The fact that they also communicate it's the 100th anniversary demonstrates further power through that accomplishment.

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