Sunday, 2 December 2012

Film Opening Pitch

This is an idea for the opening of a film which main genre is psychological thriller.

The "basic" story is Riley has recurring dreams of himself shooting Nicholas. Nicholas is his best friend whom he has known for ages and the pair assume they know everything about each other. Nicholas works for an organisation that betrays him for getting too close to Riley who, unknown to both of them, is a brainwashed secret assassin. The organisation is controlled by a character named Eilif. The character is named this because "Eilif" means immortal and he is in a position of power where he's untouchable. This organisation is gigantic and controls near everything, having great influence on most global issues. A small but high-up segment of this organisation is the assassins, like Nicholas.  Another secret segment is the secret assassins, who're brainwashed. These secret assassins work with-in the organisation, disposing of anyone who threatens (Or appears to threaten) the secrecy of the organisation, like Nicholas.

The underlying questions the audience would ask from this film would be would be:

- "Can you trust others?" -The way Nicholas trusted Riley & Eilif.
-"Can you trust yourself?" -When Riley discovers he's been brainwashed.
-"What do you think you know?" -After Riley's mind has been opened, he questions this.
-"What do you actually know?" What Riley questions after the previous point.
-"Can you actually fully control someone/ something?" -After Riley discovers he's an assassin, Eilif wonders if he can ever fully control people or if it's just an illusion or something he can come close to but not fully achieve.
-"Can you actually achieve the goal you set or will you just accept what you've achieved?" When Riley & Nicolas find Eilif is basically untouchable in his position of power, this question becomes arises. And also this question is posed to Eilif when he realises he cannot fully control people like Riley.

Eilif could also be abbreviated to Mr. E, which sounds like "mystery". Though this could seem comical so I may not use it.


  1. Sounds good man, I like the idea and I think it fits the genre very well. I think you could make it work and look pretty good. Maybe at the start during the dream the phone ringing could be part of the tension building sound and then suddenly he wakes up and answers the phone.

  2. I really liked your idea for an opening, I easily created a picture of what happening. You went into good detail about the characters which helped me almost create an opinion about them.

  3. Really well thought out, detailed description of your opening. I really liked your ideas and how you're making the viewer think about what is going on, and how you've created sophisticated characters that fit with the genre. Well done!

  4. I really enjoyed the clip. The idea of the brainwashing really reminded me of a Derren Brown type show. The only criticism I have is how you're going to have the credit evolve arould the story line etc.
    I a gree with Hewather I too easily created an image in my head love the idea and good choice on names!