Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mise en Scene - Background Images

Using Adobe Photo shop, I've created the 2 images that I wish to have within the frames with Nicholas and Riley.
The first one is a skull. This appears as a poster on the wall when Riley is on the phone to Nicholas. It foreshadows the appearance of Eilif and also what will happen to Nicholas and Riley later in the film. Because this skull represents Eilif, it tell the audience that he is effectively death and therefore that bad things will happen to the other characters when they're around him.

The second images depicts a Guardian Angel. It will be a picture on the wall that is in-frame behind Nicholas when him and Riley are talking.
This image represents Nicholas as a guardian to Riley, despite not totally appearing as one, he is more so later in the film.
As an angel is also depicted as a messenger or being of great power, it fits Nicholas' persona well and is a good symbol for him.

Both images have slight religious meanings. both "Death" and "Guardian Angels" appear in the bible. Because "SHOT" actually has a strong religious feel about it underneath the base, these images fit in perfectly.

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