Friday, 15 February 2013

Shot List

  1. Very Wide Shot on Field. Nicholas and Riley each side of screen.
  2. Medium Close-Up. Riley's Face
  3. Extreme Close-Up. Riley's Mouth.
  4. Over-the-Shoulder. Over Nicholas' shoulder to see Riley pointing gun.
  5. Cut-In. Gun aimed at Nicholas and then fires.
  6. Very Wide Shot. Same as first. Nicholas falls over.
  7. Close-Up. Riley's Face
  8. Bridging-Shot/ Close-Up
  9. Cut-In . Riley reaching for phone.
  10. Mid-Shot. Riley sitting on bed.
  11. Extreme Close-Up. Eilif' face.
  12. Close-up. Riley's face.
  13. Wide Shot/ Pull Back. Riley sitting on bed as titles appear.
  14. Two Shot. Nicholas and Riley.
  15. Medium Close-Up. Nicholas.
  16. Cut-In. Riley slams his hand on table.
  17. Medium Close-Up. Riley.
  18. Medium Close-Up.Nicholas.
  19. Medium Close-Up.Riley.
  20. Reaction or Noddy Shot. Nicholas.
  21. Medium Close-Up.Riley
  22. Reverse Tracking Shot. Nicholas walking down street.
  23. Close-UpNicholas' face.
  24. Cut-In. Eilif's hand knocking over chess piece.
  25. Over-the-Shoulder. Nicholas' shoulder to view gunman aiming gun at him.
  26. Cut-In. Gun firing.

Though I plan to stick to this list, when filming I may find that certain shots don't work or don't look right and I may feel the need to improvise.

Some of the match-on-action may be slightly out of sync when I come to edit and I may choose to change the shots to keep it smoother and less jumpy.

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