Thursday, 14 February 2013

SHOT - Basic Plot

Riley Williams is a 17 year old who, as far as he knows, just seems to have turned up from nowhere. He has little memory of his childhood. Though he has memories of his parents, he can never remember their faces.
For the most part of his life, he's always felt like there was something more to life then what he could see.
Riley suffers from a reoccurring dream in which he shoots and kills his only friend, Nicholas Chance. He has no idea why this dream occurs, which scares him.
One day, after having another episode of this dream, he receives a phone call from an unknown caller, Eilif.
Shortly after this, Nicholas gets a phone call from the same guy and is shot by a masked gunman afterwards. Although his wound is severe, he pulls through and Riley visits him in hospital.
Here, Nicholas explains to Riley that he is part of a big organisation that controls nearly everything and is everywhere.
As a now ex-member of this organisation, Nicholas is now being pursued by Eilif and a number of assassins. But if them organisation controls everything, why didn't they kill him in the hospital? This is because Eilif, despite being a high rank, secretly wants the organisation to crumble. But the only way he sees that this is remotely possible is if Nicholas and Riley can defeat him.
Unknown to everyone but Eilif, Riley is also part of the organisation. As a child he was trained to be an assassin, but was brainwashed so that he wouldn't remember, making his one of the ultimate secret weapons.
Riley must them face himself, as the organisation instructs him to kill Nicholas. Riley now begins to question who can he trust if he can't even trust himself.
Shockingly, Riley kills Nicholas, but then proceeds to try and kill Eilif and fails, dying in the process. this leads to the main conclusion of the film, you can't always get what you want.

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