Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Character Biography: Riley Williams

Name: Riley Williams
Age: 18
Date of birth: February 7th 1994
Place of Birth: Unknown
Relationship to Family: Unknown parents. No known siblings.
Key Friends: Nicholas Chance
Phobia(s): Nightmares, Being Trapped.
Features: Wears plain clothes, specifically hoodies and faded jeans.

Riley Williams's place of birth is unknown. He just seems to have turned up and has little memory of his childhood. Though he has memories of his parents, he can never remember their faces. He has no known relatives, but does have a close friend, Nicholas Chance, who he believes is from his childhood. He has no current work, but has an income from a previous job. He has a poor memory of this job, but never questions it as he never seems to think about it. His phobia of nightmares comes from the recurring dreams he has of him shooting his best friend. He has this dream on a regular basis but doesn't  remember it too well upon recall. His fear of being trapped, similar to claustrophobia, comes from a childhood experience. He can't remember what happened exactly, but remembers being restrained.

Riley's aspiration is to know what's going on in his life. He feels like something is shielding him from the real world and the fact the he can't remember his past very well doesn't help this, however it does intrigue him. With this motive, he's waiting for the first glimpse of reality and plans to seize that opportunity to help him understand himself and everything else.

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