Sunday, 13 January 2013

Interview with a Typical Member of my Audience

While researching the importance of target audience, I was set the task of creating a profile for a typical audience member. Above is a fake interview with him, that I created.

The audience member's name is Harry Williams.
Harry lives in a flat in London and has a university degree in media production.
He is employed by various companies to make idents, short films and music videos. Though these are not major companies, he makes enough money to have a decent living.
Currently he is single but seeing someone.
His hobbies include making short films, watching movies (mainstream & non-mainstream), computer gaming and going out with his friend regularly.
The films he watches most are often classed as 'specialized' and 'non-mainstream'. He watches them for deeper reasons than most cinema-goers, often looking at the messages given and filming techniques used. He could be classed as an Aficionado.

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    that was beautiful