Thursday, 31 January 2013


I have asked some of my friends if they would like to help, however none have confirmed. I will have to get their confirmation or find different actors who can.

Props & Costume
I either have all the props I need or have been allowed to borrow them from friends, such as fake guns and combat vests.

The costume for Riley has been planned. I have part of it but am still searching for a plain-grey hoodie.
I have a rough idea on what I need for the character Nicholas, but will have to plan and confirm I can get the right clothing.

Everything is covered for set. I plan to film in a street, a nearby field, my living room and my bedroom.

  • Tripod (Owned)
  • Camera (Owned, but may use one from school or friend for better quality)
  • Gorilla Pod (Owned)
  • Lighting (Owned)
  • Camera Dolly (Either use a school one or go free hand with a mono-pod to stabilise shot)

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