Thursday, 31 January 2013

Planning Mise En Scene

Dream Sequence
In this sequence there will be hints leading to the direction that the film is going.
The colour will have a slightly purple/ red tint. Showing that it's not only surreal, but menacing.
Riley, while doing everything else in script, will be holding a mask. This is the same mask which the gunman is later wearing (subtle, right?). Though the movie may not lead to him actually being the gunman, I want the audience to have suspicions, just as he does about himself.
In this scene, Nicholas should be wearing the same kind of clothes that Riley usually wears. This should indicate that they share a similar situation, and possibly even inner-state. However, this will also show that in Nicholas' death, a part of Riley will also die.

The Bedroom
Despite this scene not being very long, I want it to show part of Riley's. current mental state. This means the lighting will be dark, to show that he's sad, troubled and lost. On the wall will be a hanging picture or poster of a cracked skull or something similar. This represents his mental instability and how venerable he is.
When on the phone, his shadow should be broad cast onto the wall behind him, as to appear big and hovering over him. The connotation of this is that something powerful is watching over him, something that's a part of him and event controlling him.

The Living Room
The living room is a place of security, where people, such as Riley, should feel safe. In the presence of his best friend, Nicholas, there's no reason for him not to feel secure. In this scene, Riley is telling Nicholas some of the things that are going on in his life and should feel safe in doing so.
This is the first time that the audience meets the reel Nicholas, so I want to communicate something about his relationship with Riley to the audience, other than their obvious friendship. Nicholas is effectively Riley's protector, similar to a guardian angel. Because I think religion should be a big theme in this, I think it would be good to view Nicholas as a guardian angel. I could use lighting to give the appearance of a halo above his head. It's either that or an image of an angel or small figurine. It depends on how easy it is in the filming process.

Here, I want the audience to feel as though something bad is going to happen. To create an uneasy atmosphere, as well as having non-diagetic music that has a build up playing in the background, I'm going to have darker, creepier lighting. Shaky camera work could also help create an unstable atmosphere.
Because Nicholas is getting shot in this scene, I'd like for him to be wearing an article of clothing, ideally a shirt, with pattern on it that resembles a target.

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