Saturday, 13 April 2013

Evaluation: Question 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Starting with the character of Riley, I believe that his key representation lies somewhere within the youth of today.
This character feels troubled and paranoid, but at the same time feels like he has to do something with his life. Many young people, particularly students, feel like they have to make something big of themselves and succeed, but are paranoid that they won't achieve this which troubles them. This is why I feel, though he's not in the the same situation, Riley is a metaphor or representation for today's struggling youth.

Nicholas, on the other hand, doesn't appear troubled or paranoid, and yet, is the same age as Riley. Nicholas' character focuses less on youth and is generalized more to the working people in society who are quite low on the social ladder that are used, exploited and thrown around by the people who sit on the top of the ladder. Although this isn't suggested too much by the opening, it's more focused upon later in this film's story. However, there is a metaphor in the opening, in which Eilif is using a chess set and knocks over a Pawn with the King.

 Eilif, the mysterious character that the audience never really sees, represents those on top of the social ladder. He's a metaphor for those people who work at the top, controlling everything, except you never see them directly, just their actions.
The red colour scheme, that is linked with his character, gives he impression that he is evil. I wanted him to be seen this way because, in today's world, we in society are giveen an impression of these people that indicates that they are manipulative, money grabbing people who don't care about human lives except their own. This is the kind of person I wanted Eilif to be.

It may be good to mention that there is an absent persence of women currently in this film. Although I have thought about bringing in a female later into the film, there would still be a lack of females overall. This currently gives women a lack of character to relate to, unless there wish to identify with a male character.
Not only women, but other races too. Although, as a student, I was working with essencially what I had and what I was given.

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