Saturday, 13 April 2013

Evaluation: Question 4: Who would be the audience for your media product?

I feel that the age range of my movie would be from around 15-40. However, it would only aim at certain individuals in that age range.
15-16 year olds in the range would see this film because of the mild violence and slight action scenes within the movie. These type of teenagers would likely be smart, "techy" and ranging from slightly geeky to full on "I've seen every episode of Star Trek twice." Mind you, that can be applied to most people aged 15-40 in this group.
17-30 Year-olds who see this would definitely be the type of people who see films frequently and have lots of film posters on their bedroom walls or a massive collection of films (like the character, Harry, I created to interview). A few of them are probably amateur film makers themselves. Some would own blogs where they post film reviews. A large portion of these people consider themselves to be "hipster" or "alternative" and claiming that they liked this movie before it was cool, or they're seeing it because it too is not-mainstream.
31-40's probably have a huge collection of retro games, as well as some newly released titles. Their movie collection seems never ending. They have some of the original prints of various Marvel and DC comic books. They go to the movies, not just once, but will see it multiple times to critique it and post it to their blog which is popular with other people like them. They will argue for hours with each other in the comment section about meaning of imagery in the film which may or may not be their.

I think that this film would draw in people who enjoy sci-fi, action, thriller and drama, as well as psychological thriller.
The  people who see this are likely to be in the western hemisphere, places like Europe or America, mainly.

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