Thursday, 18 April 2013

Evaluation: Question 6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of construction this product?

I came in with some minimal knowledge on Adobe After Effects, like making shapes and minor animating, as seen in my re-do of Saul Bass' famous intros. Since then, I've gain skills from watching hours of online tutorials and practise. In my ident, and even my first Evaluation Question, I used particles and still 3D images, as well as an inbuilt camera tool to create 3D compositions, that I'm able to "travel" through. The end result is the illusion that you're moving through a space-like zone.

Looking at the top image, which is my
current ident, in comparison to the lower
image, which is one of my first works in
After Effects, you can clearly see how much
I have progressed.
Not only that, I've used pre-keyed footage to create gunshots, like the one in the dream sequence of "SHOT".

A muzzle flash, to make the gun look
like it's firing.
Colour correction has been used to
create a surreal effect.
I colourized this scene to make it red
communicate to the audience that
Eilif is evil.

Colour-correction is something I learnt to used in After Effect (and Premiere Pro too). Extreme examples of this are in the dream sequence and scenes with Eilif.

I didn't realize how demanding programs like Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro can be on a computer. Frequently I've face crashes and loss of work because of this. When I was editing on my own computer, I found that I had to upgrade the hardware for it to be able to cope with the strenuous task of editing. It's that and I scaled down the quality of some video files so they could be managed by my under adiquate computer.


The skull seen in this image and
the one above is representitive of
Adobe Photoshop is another program that I used within the Adobe Creative Suite. I had never used photo shop before but learn how to use layers and filters to create images that I had in the background in "SHOT" as mise-en-scene.

I've learnt about the mass video hosting website which is the famous "YouTube". Obviously, YouTube was nothing too new for me as a viewer, but as an uploader I was new to it. I've learnt that YouTube is a great platform for hosting videos.

Blogger, this website, is a great place for uploading my content to share with the world, as well as a great way to present my work. Though Blogger is a great way to place content, however the video uploader wasn't as good as YouTube's, which is why I opted for that. Plus, as they're both owned by google, they're integrated which makes it a lot easier.

Focus/defocus in the dream sequence.
Though I've used cameras in the past, I had never used a DSLR. The Nikon D3100 I found to be great. I learnt how to manual focus it to get focus/defocus shots in "SHOT".

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