Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Evaluation: Question 5: How did you attract/address your audience?

For any film to be successful, it must have an audience, for it to have an audience, it was interest them and hence attract and address them. The audience research I did (audience interview, typical character interview ect.) gave me a chance to address multiple people and created a sense of the audience I can attract.

I believe that the title of my film, "SHOT", is one of many things that could interest and attract an audience. The name "SHOT" suggests guns, which suggest violence. Because violence is a thing that is scarce in most people's everyday life, a large number of people find it entertaining. And if that's not exciting enough for them, it's all in capital letters. Check that out. It practically screams "HEY YOU! WATCH THIS BECAUSE, IF NOTHING ELSE, SOMEONE IS DEFIANTLY GOING TO GET SHOT!" Crazy, right? No? Okay...
In thrillers, there's typically guns and violence. I feel that i the openinI've clearly addressed this cliche.
In psychological thrillers, the audience must be activly proicessing what's going on, by asking questions. I feel that from the openin, Ive created this enigma. There are alto of questions which attract the audience. For example, why are the colours purple? Why are they in a field? Who are these characters? Why ius this happening?
Behind the scenes of Tarantino's "Django Unchained".
As you can see, there's a lot of guns, blood and dead bodies.
Also, it's a great film. Just sayin'.
When the people who are interested do further research into the film , they'll find that it's a psychological thriller. This is generally a genre that people like, gets 'em thinking. This genre alone can attract a lot of people, purely from the mystery behind it. Of course, because it's an original story from an unknown director, there's 50% chance that people will either walk away, because they won't see any point in seeing it, or they''ll do the right think and give it a chance. Also i'm totally unbiased in what I think they should do. Trust me, I'm also a psychology student.  The reason they'd see it from an unknown director is because they would like to see something they haven't seen before. For example, if you go to a Tarantino flick, you know you're going to see spectacular violence with lots blood. While, awesome, yes, it's cliche. Some people wish to look for new experiences, which is something that my film can hopefully deliver.

There are numerous way that I have addressed the audience through use of characters and setting. The location of the film supposed to be an urban environment in a time similar to ours. This therefore appeals to people who feel they can relate.  Another way people can relate is through characters, especially if they're having a recurring nightmare about shooting their best friend in a field. But seriously, these characters, especially Riley and Nicholas have exaggerated personality traits that people should be able to relate to. People love characters they can relate to, it creates a sense of familiarization. This makes it feel as though they've been addressed and even makes them feel special. Awww.
Even the character of Eilif can be used for people to relate to their "evil" bosses and the people who they feel are raining down on them.

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